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Glass Hairline Optimiser


Instantly conceal your hair line & thinning areas of your hair.  

  • Hair Fiber Spray For Your Hairline

    The Glass Hairline Optimiser revolutionises hair care for those experiencing thinning hair and male pattern baldness. With its precision spray nozzle, this innovative bottle ensures an even and fine distribution of hair fibers, effectively concealing the balding head and hair line.

    Specifically engineered for addressing male pattern baldness, the Hair Line Optimiser simplifies the process of applying HLS fibers to areas with thinning hair. Its thoughtfully designed sprayer allows for the meticulous storage and application of fibers, resulting in a natural and thicker-looking hairline. 

    Add a 25g HLS Hair fibre with your glass hair line optmiser by choosing a colour below. Or select 'not needed' if you do not require HLS hair fibres.

Hair Fibre Colour
Not Needed
Dark Brown
Medium Brown
Light Brown
Medium Blonde

FAQ's About Our Hair Fibre

Sorry, no. We do not recommend using hair fibers to those who are completely bald or have large areas where there is no hair for the fibers to bond to.
No our HLS hair fibers are natural and breathable; it does not interfere with your natural hair growth pattern.
Yes, we recommend following our simple ‘Directions of use’ instructions in order for the hair fibers to stay in place and use with the HLS setting spray which strengthens the bond between HLS Hair Fibers and your hair. HLS Hair fibers will stay firmly in place until you decide to wash them out, especially if you follow our barber’s top tip of fixing the fibers with a matte strong hold hair spray.
No, our hair fibers are undetectable and blend seamlessly with your hair. Ensure you select the right colour for your hair by checking our HLS colour chart.
We recommend purchasing the two colours that come nearest to matching your hair colour and mix the fibers until you find the right match. It’s very simple to do.

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