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February 08, 2024 5 min read

In the ever-evolving world of grooming and personal care, individuals are increasingly seeking solutions to address the challenges of thinning hair. Barbershops, often considered the epicenter of style and confidence, play a crucial role in offering remedies to combat male pattern baldness. One such groundbreaking product making waves in the industry is HLS® Hair Fibres, a creation born out of the daily observations and experiences of barbers who witness the struggles men face with thinning hair. This blog explores the role of hair fibres in barbershops, shedding light on the HLS brand and its innovative solutions, including the hair fibre spray that has become an integral part of the grooming routine.

The Origin of HLS Hair Fibres

HLS Hair Fibres have revolutionised the way individuals deal with thinning hair. The brand, designed and created by barbers themselves, emerged from a genuine understanding of the challenges men face daily. Recognising the need for effective solutions, HLS was born, initially catering to barbers and later extending its reach to the general public for at-home use. The unique perspective of barbers, who witness firsthand the impact of thinning hair on their clients' confidence, has driven the creation of HLS products tailored to address these concerns.

Expert Barbers Crafting Solutions

HLS Hair Fibres and associated products are the brainchild of expert barbers who, through their daily interactions, witness the profound impact of hair loss on individuals' lives. Recognising the need for effective solutions, these barbers dedicated themselves to finding innovative remedies that would not only restore hair but also boost confidence. HLS, therefore, emerged as a brand that not only understands the technicalities of hair care but also empathises with the emotional journey of those experiencing hair loss. At HLS, the commitment goes beyond hair restoration; it is about rebuilding confidence. The brand's mission is to provide solutions for all hair loss concerns, acknowledging the transformative power of a full and healthy head of hair. HLS understands that hair loss is not merely a physical challenge but a deeply personal one, and their products aim to address both aspects, creating a holistic approach to hair care.


Barbershop Integration of Hair Fibres

HLS Hair Fibres have seamlessly integrated into the daily operations of barbershops worldwide. Barbers, always at the forefront of grooming trends, have embraced HLS as a go-to solution for finishing off haircuts with finesse. The intricately woven hair fibre, derived from the Gossypium Herbaceum plant, provide a natural and undetectable remedy for thinning hair. The product's effectiveness lies in its ability to artfully disguise the appearance of balding areas, combatting male pattern baldness and addressing concerns related to a receding hairline or crown balding.

HLS Hair Fibre Spray: A Game-Changer

One of HLS's standout products is the Hair Fibre Setting Spray, a vital component in the HLS arsenal. This setting spray locks the hair fibres in place, ensuring a water and wind-resistant finish that remains touch-resistant and won't stain clothes. The undetectable nature of HLS Hair Fibres combined with the hair fibre spray to set provides users with a confident and natural-looking solution to thinning hair.

Key Features of HLS Hair Fibre Spray:

Water & Wind Resistant: HLS Hair Fibre Setting Spray ensures that the hair fibres stay in place, even in challenging weather conditions.

Touch Resistant: The setting spray guarantees a natural feel, resisting any tendency for the fibres to shift or come off with touch.

Stain-Free: Users can enjoy the benefits of HLS without worrying about staining their clothes, enhancing the overall user experience.

Undetectable: The seamless integration of HLS Hair Fibres with natural hair, combined with the setting spray, ensures an undetectable finish that boosts confidence levels.

Comprehensive Hair Loss Solutions

While HLS Hair Fibres offer a temporary solution for thinning hair, the brand goes beyond by providing a range of specialised products addressing both short-term and long-term concerns. The HLS Hair Regrowth Foam, containing 5% minoxidil, is a clinically proven treatment for hair loss. This fast-working foam boosts hair follicle activity and protein production, aiding in the regrowth of up to 25% more hair.

Additionally, HLS offers a caffeine-infused shampoo designed to invigorate the scalp, prevent hair loss, and promote hair regeneration. This potent formula targets bald spots, cleanses deeply, repairs hair follicles, and contributes to a fuller and healthier appearance, effectively combating issues associated with hair loss.


HLS Volumiza Dust: A Stylist's Secret Weapon

In addition to HLS Hair Fibres and its setting spray, HLS introduces another game-changing product – HLS Volumiza Dust. This ultimate matte styling powder has become a favourite among professional barbers for its ability to effortlessly transform hair with massive hold, texture, and volume in mere seconds. Crafted with meticulous precision, HLS Volumiza Dust is designed for daily use, allowing individuals to elevate their styling routine and achieve a salon-quality finish in the comfort of their homes.

A Must-Have for Thinning Hair

HLS Volumiza Dust becomes a must-have addition to the hair care regimen for those concerned about thinning hair and hair loss. Whether addressing male pattern hair loss or focusing on crown hair loss, this innovative powder empowers individuals to create the appearance of thicker, fuller hair with ease. The powder provides added separation and lift with just a light dusting, giving users the flexibility to rework their style throughout the day. Taking control of one's look is a transformative experience, and HLS Volumiza Dust serves as the go-to solution for achieving a fresh, voluminous hairstyle that defies the challenges of hair thinning and loss. This versatile styling powder not only provides a practical solution for daily styling but also contributes to the emotional well-being of individuals navigating the complexities of hair loss. With HLS Volumiza Dust, users can embrace a renewed sense of confidence, knowing they have a powerful ally in their journey towards a fuller and more vibrant head of hair.


In the realm of grooming and hair care, HLS Hair Fibres have emerged as a powerful solution for individuals dealing with thinning hair. Born from the insights of barbers who witness the daily struggles of their clients, HLS has successfully bridged the gap between barbershop professionalism and at-home convenience. The innovative hair fibres, combined with the Hair Fibre Setting Spray, offer a water and wind-resistant, touch-resistant, and undetectable solution to thinning hair, boosting confidence, and transforming the grooming experience.

HLS's commitment to comprehensive hair solutions is evident in its range of products, including the Hair Regrowth Foam with minoxidil and the caffeine-infused shampoo. As barbers continue to incorporate HLS products into their routines, individuals can confidently face the mirror, knowing that they have a reliable ally in the battle against thinning hair.

Sinead Lonergan
Sinead Lonergan