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March 01, 2024 5 min read


My name is Josh Roe, For years, I battled the emotional toll of hair loss, a struggle that began to chip away at my self-esteem and confidence. Having opted for a hair transplant at the front of my hair, I was on the path to regaining a youthful appearance. However, the journey to a full head of hair was far from over, with the crown still requiring attention. It was during this waiting period that I stumbled upon HLS® Hair Fibres—a temporary solution that not only covered my balding spot but also changed my perspective on hair restoration.

Discovering HLS® Hair Fibres:

While saving up for the crown transplant, I began exploring temporary solutions to mask my thinning hair. HLS® Hair Fibres caught my eye, promising an innovative and natural plant-based solution woven from Gossypium Herbaceum. Intrigued, I decided to give it a try, especially given its claim to combat male pattern baldness and address concerns related to crown balding.

The Transition from Balding to Bold:

I opted for black hair fibresto match my natural hair colour. The application process was straightforward, and the instant results were nothing short of remarkable. The hair fibres seamlessly blended with my existing hair, creating a fuller, thicker appearance. It was incredible to witness the transformation unfold right before my eyes.

Benefits of HLS® Hair Fibres:

Undetectable Integration: The HLS® Hair Fibres, crafted with mineral-based colorants, effortlessly integrated with my hair. The result was a natural-looking coverage that remained undetectable to the naked eye.

Water and Wind Resistance: One of the standout features for me was the water and wind resistance. No longer did I have to worry about unexpected weather conditions ruining my carefully styled hair. HLS® Hair Fibers stayed intact, ensuring a consistent look throughout the day.

Touch Resistant: The hair fibres proved to be touch-resistant, providing a durable solution that didn't require constant adjustments. This meant I could confidently go about my day without the fear of revealing my hair loss.

Stain-Free Assurance: HLS® Hair Fibres lived up to its promise of being stain-free. I no longer had to be cautious about potential stains on my clothes, allowing me to fully embrace the newfound convenience.

The Decision to Postpone the Crown Transplant:

With the remarkable coverage and instant boost in confidence that HLS® Hair Fibres provided, I found myself reevaluating my initial plan for a crown transplant. The temporary solution had become a game-changer, making me realise that I no longer felt the urgency to undergo a more permanent procedure.

Real-Life Before and After Results Using Hair Fibres:

The before-and-after transformation with HLS® Hair Fibres is nothing short of astonishing. The unique formula worked wonders by instantly concealing balding and thinning areas, building density, volume, and texture. It was as if I had reclaimed my youth and confidence without the need for invasive procedures.

My journey with HLS® Hair Fibres has been a revelation, proving that sometimes the perfect solution lies in the temporary. The undetectable coverage, water and wind resistance, and stain-free assurance have not only saved me from daily hair loss stress but have also postponed my plans for a crown transplant.

If you find yourself battling hair loss, consider HLS® Hair Fibres as a reliable companion in your journey to regaining confidence. Cover and repair with HLS®—a true ally against the challenges of hair loss.

Continued Journey to Hair Wellness with HLS® - The Full Package:

Empowered by the transformative effects of HLS® Hair Fibres, my confidence soared, and I found myself on a quest for comprehensive hair care. HLS® not only became a quick fix to my hair loss concerns but also introduced me to a holistic approach through their Full Package subscription box—a game-changer in my journey toward hair wellness.

The Full Package Unveiled:

Delivered monthly, HLS® The Full Package is a revolutionary hair loss subscription box meticulously crafted by barbers and embraced by thousands. It goes beyond just covering balding spots; it is a comprehensive solution designed to address male pattern baldness and other hair concerns, stimulating growth and activating regeneration for permanent thickness.

Inside The Full Package:

HLS® Caffeine Shampoo: The journey to healthier, thicker hair begins with the first step—proper cleansing. HLS® Caffeine Shampoo, a crucial component of The Full Package, not only provides a refreshing and invigorating wash but also harnesses the power of caffeine to promote hair growth and strengthen follicles.

HLS® Hair Regrowth Foam: A key player in the battle against hair loss, the Hair Regrowth Foam stimulates dormant hair follicles, promoting new growth and enhancing the overall thickness of existing hair. This scientifically formulated foam is a testament to HLS®'s commitment to addressing the root causes of hair loss.

HLS® Hair Fibres: The product that initially caught my attention and sparked my hair transformation is an integral part of The Full Package. HLS® Hair Fibres continue to provide instant coverage and confidence, seamlessly complementing the other elements of the subscription box.

HLS® Setting Spray: Completing the quartet is the HLS® Setting Spray, a versatile solution that locks in the fibres for long-lasting hold. This setting spray ensures that the HLS® Hair Fibres remain firmly in place, even in the face of environmental challenges.

The Full Package Experience:

Embracing The Full Package has been a game-changer in my hair care routine. The synergy between these meticulously curated products has elevated my experience, offering a comprehensive solution that extends beyond mere aesthetics. The ritual of using these products has become a therapeutic practice, fostering a sense of self-care that goes beyond just covering up the visible signs of hair loss.

Benefits Beyond Aesthetics:

Stimulated Hair Growth: The inclusion of HLS® Hair Regrowth Foam has noticeably stimulated new hair growth, creating a fuller and thicker appearance over time. This long-term benefit goes beyond the instant coverage provided by the fibres, addressing the root causes of hair loss.

Enhanced Thickness: Regular use of HLS® The Full Package has led to a visible enhancement in the thickness of my hair. The combination of caffeine-infused shampoo, regrowth foam, and fibres works synergistically to create a more voluminous and robust mane.

Daily Self-Care Ritual: Subscribing to The Full Package has transformed my hair care routine into a daily self-care ritual. The act of nourishing my hair with these specialised products has become a source of comfort and assurance, reinforcing my commitment to maintaining a healthy scalp and hair.

HLS® The Full Package has become an indispensable part of my journey to reclaiming confidence and embracing a fuller head of hair. Beyond the visible transformations, it has instilled in me a sense of responsibility towards my hair health. As I continue to enjoy the instant coverage of HLS® Hair Fibres, I'm equally invested in the long-term benefits provided by The Full Package—a subscription box that goes beyond the surface to address the core issues of hair loss. For anyone on a similar journey, consider this holistic approach as a testament to HLS®'s commitment to helping you achieve not just temporary coverage but lasting hair wellness.

Sinead Lonergan
Sinead Lonergan