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June 20, 2024 4 min read

Achieving that perfect barber shop look at home might seem daunting, but with the right tools and techniques, you can recreate a professional finish without leaving your house. One of the standout products that can help you achieve this especially if you have thinning hair is HLS® Volumiza Dust. This ultimate matte styling powder is a game-changer, designed to provide massive hold, texture, and volume in just seconds. In this essay, we'll explore how to use HLS Volumiza Dust to create a salon-quality hairstyle, offer tips on maximizing its benefits, and delve into why it’s a must-have for anyone dealing with hair thinning or hair loss and want to hair thicken.

The Power of HLS® Volumiza Dust

Volume dust for hair is not just any styling powder; it’s a product meticulously crafted hair dust for those who want to elevate their hairstyling routine. This versatile powder is favoured by professional barbers for its ability to transform hair effortlessly. The matte finish ensures that your hair looks naturally voluminous without any unwanted shine, making it perfect for daily use.

Whether you're aiming for a sleek, textured look or need to address concerns like hair thinning and loss, HLS Volumiza Dust is your go-to solution. Its formula is designed to add massive hold and texture while creating the appearance of thicker, fuller hair. This makes it an essential product for those experiencing male pattern hair loss or thinning at the crown. With just a light dusting, you can achieve added separation and lift, allowing you to rework your style throughout the day.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using HLS® Volumiza Dust

  1. Preparation:

    • Begin with clean, dry hair. While you can use HLS Volumiza Dust on damp hair, it works best on dry hair for maximum volume and hold.
    • Shake the bottle gently to ensure the powder is evenly distributed before application.
  2. Application:

    • Lightly dust a small amount of HLS Volumiza Dust onto the roots of your hair. Start with a minimal amount; you can always add more if needed.
    • For best results, apply the powder in sections to ensure even coverage and to target areas where you need the most volume and lift.
  3. Styling:

    • Use your fingertips to work the powder into your roots and through your hair. This helps to create a textured, natural look.
    • For added lift and volume, use a hairdryer on a low heat setting. Direct the airflow upwards from the roots to the ends to enhance the volumizing effect.
  4. Finishing Touches:

    • If you’re looking for ultimate thickness and density, pair HLS Volumiza Dust with HLS Hair Fiber. Apply the dust first, followed by the hair fibres to achieve a fuller, more defined style.
    • To avoid product buildup, build up the dust slowly. A little goes a long way, and adding too much at once can make your hair feel heavy.

Barber Tips for Optimal Use

Professional barbers have a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to using HLS Volumiza Dust:

  1. Pair with HLS® Hair Fiber:

    • For those dealing with significant thinning or hair loss, using HLS Hair Fibrein conjunction with the Volumiza Dust can create the ultimate thick and dense look. The fibers adhere to your existing hair, giving the illusion of more volume and fullness.
  2. Apply the Dust Before Hair Fibers:

    • Always start with the Volumiza Dust before adding hair fibers. This sequence ensures that the powder creates the necessary base for the fibers to cling to, resulting in a more natural and long-lasting style.
  3. Use Fingertips for Textured Styles:

    • Your fingertips are your best tools for creating a textured, natural look. Gently massage the powder into your roots and work it through your hair to achieve the desired effect.
  4. Hairdryer for Added Lift:

    • A hairdryer is a fantastic tool to enhance the volumizing effect of HLS Volumiza Dust. Use it on a low heat setting to lift the roots and add more body to your hair.

Addressing Hair Thinning and Loss

One of the standout benefits of HLS Volumiza Dust is its ability to tackle hair thinning and loss. If you’re dealing with these issues, the powder can significantly enhance your hair’s appearance. The light dusting not only adds volume but also gives the illusion of thicker hair, making sparse areas less noticeable.

For those specifically targeting crown hair loss, applying the powder to the crown area and using a hairdryer to lift the roots can create a fuller look. The flexibility of HLS Volumiza Dust allows you to rework your style throughout the day, ensuring your hair maintains its volume and texture.

Confidence in a Bottle

The transformative power of HLS Volumiza Dust extends beyond just aesthetics. By giving you control over your hairstyle and helping you manage hair thinning or loss, it boosts your confidence. A well-styled head of hair can significantly impact how you feel about yourself, and with HLS Volumiza Dust, you can achieve that fresh, voluminous barber shop look every day.

Creating a barber shop look at home is entirely possible with the right products and techniques. HLS® Volumiza Dust stands out as a versatile, effective solution for anyone looking to add volume, texture, and hold to their hair. By following the steps outlined and incorporating professional barber tips, you can achieve a salon-quality finish that defies the challenges of hair thinning and loss. Embrace the confidence that comes with a fresh, voluminous hairstyle and make HLS Volumiza Dust an essential part of your daily styling routine.

Sinead Lonergan
Sinead Lonergan